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Garmendia #10 entre Antonio Guiteras y Dalia (Volcan)


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La Guira

This park is part of the exuberant beauty of San Diego de los Baños. It occupies a part of more than 22,000 hectares that once belonged to one of the most important strongholds in Cuba and the largest in Pinar del Río. The Hacienda Cortina with forests with its own species. The residence is also an additional attraction with its two parks. There are two pagodas that contain collections of Chinese and Japanese art. An idyllic, restful place, far from the crowds. Renovation work has been carried out to make the place even more pleasant. Small lake with boats, paths. You can go as far as San Diego de Los Baños, which used to be a great seaside resort thanks to its sulphurous waters.

Cueva Los Portales

To get there you have to enter the camping Los Portales and walk 500m to a small hut where you pay 1 $ to enter. This is where Che Guevara set up his headquarters during what was called the October Crisis in 1962. The cave was declared a National Monument. This large cave is located in the region of San Andres, between the El Rosario and Los Organos mountain ranges, in the province of Pinar del Rio. In addition to its historical importance, this place is also attractive because of its nature. The cave was discovered in 1800 by a Spaniard who gave it his name. It is a place of attraction for those interested in the life and work of Che Guevara.